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  CCL has its own development department which is centralized in Meerane, Germany, owning a high equipped lab for detail analysis and evaluations. Besides fundamental developments such as our patented WashOff Technology, CCL cooperates very closely with our customers and suppliers. Based on our networking principles we can use the know-how of the different CCL plants and the experience and knowledge of the sales representatives of our beverage team. With this strength we find optimal solutions for our customers.

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Connected Packaging

Trends 2021:

It’s all about Connection!

Packaging as a digital tool

     A new age of packaging is here where your consumers can interact and immerse themselves in your brand storytelling through Connected Packaging.
     CCL is the only global packaging company where you can licence Arilyn technology to power your campaigns with Connected Packaging.


Glass Buildings


Void Tape

  • Tampering is immediately visible.

  • Individual print design as well as individual tamper evidence effect possible.

  • Reliably ensures originality.

Constantly Innovating

CCL has experience, dedicated employees and with a complete range of printing technologies in the background, we are in an excellent position partnering with clients, to constantly innovate and reinvent new ways to bring design decoration to a new heights.

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CCL offers
               unmatched printing capabilities

A variety of decoration technologies exists at CCL including digital, screen, offset, flexo, and rotogravure printing. We also utilize combination presses which can combine the different printing technologies and run them together with cold and hot foil.

     CCL has state-of-the-art finishing equipment in place to supply labels that live up to, and even exceed, customers’ expectations. Included are process parameters like the reel winding and slitting tolerances. Material and/or printing defects can be detected by automatic camera inspection systems and are easily eliminated by the operators.

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